Kūla Clinic

          Community, clan or tribe. 
The Kūla Clinic has been a long time dream of mine, and I am so excited to finally be able to offer this to our community.   There is no one perfect healthcare system, and change is often slow to come.  And while it may seem impossible for one individual to make a difference, we absolutely can.  To that end, I started this clinic to be able to help our community out when our own systems fall short.  This clinic was created to provide medical and surgical dermatologic services to those individuals without health insurance or who cannot otherwise afford to see a dermatologist.  My hope is that this small offering may in some way help those in our community who need it to feel supported and cared for. 
The Kūla Clinic is open one Saturday / month and is donation based, meaning that whatever you can pay is greatly appreciated but is absolutely not necessary.  Anything you donate will go towards supplies needed to maintain the clinic.   ~Kelly Bickle, MD
Call 310.878.4590 or email info@drbickle.com to set up an appointment.