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Welcome to the BALM sample users page!

Hello friends!

If you have found your way to to this site, that means you have received a sample of my new product, ‘BALM by Kelly Bickle, MD ‘ .   I hope you are enjoying it, and would love to get some feedback from you after you have had a chance to use it for a while. 

This product was created based on a need that my patients have expressed over the years.  In dermatology, we use vaseline for almost everything – after biopsies and surgeries, laser resurfacings, on top of topical steroids to seal them in for patients with dermatitis – the list goes on and on.  However, many patients have requested alternatives as they do not like the idea of using petroleum byproducts on their skin.  So I got to work and have created a clean vaseline alternative, and after several rounds of back and forth with our amazing chemist, we have come up with the current formula, and I am quite happy with it.  It is olive oil based, petroleum free, cruelty free, contains only 5 ingredients, and has no fragrance or dyes. The initial feedback has been very positive, but I would love to hear from more of you, so please give it a try and let me know what you think!


  • wounds (cuts and scrapes, biopsy sites, surgical sites)
  • Post laser resurfacing
  • Dry lips
  • Under eyes to seal in your eye creams and serums
  • All over “slugging”
  • Eczema (alone or on top of actives like topical steroids and non-steroidals to help seal them in)
  • Diaper dermatitis
  • Dry nose /nostrils
  • Basically anything you would use vaseline or aquaphor for!

If you have any questions or feedback please email us at info @

Thank you so so much!

Kelly Bickle, MD